Camera From Yesteryear – Sony Nex-5N

It’s been a while since last time I updated my blog and even more than a while since last time I made an article about “yesteryear camera”. This time I will write about Sony Nex-5n, the “newest” camera in this entry so far. It was my first mirrorless camera and also my first camera that still catch up with the era (all camera I use before this one can simply categorized as a relic by many people) I terms of technical capabilities such as pixel size and high-ISO quality.

Quick brief, Sony Nex-5n hit the consumer market in 2010, it’s the fourth model in Sony’s NEX line of APS-C format mirrorless cameras. Sony Nexx-5n is a direct replacement for its predecessor the NEX-5, with 16.1MP CMOS sensor. Its quite popular due to the rising popularity of mirrorless camera in 2010s, as more and more people demand a tools that have DSLR quality image but with the simpleness of a point and shoot/iphone camera.

So actually im not that surprised but still a bit disappointed with the feature of Nex-5n, no viewfinder, no quick access setting, and very few buttons for settings (I have to go deep into the menu for it). But I’m not blaming Sony, because they intended to put Nex-5n for common market and not specilay for photographer community (they have A7 series for that). They put more attention for the simplicity for this camera.

But eventhough the Nex-5n is still a good camera, I recommend this camera for people who casually take photograph or people who put more effort for their instagram account. 16 Megapixel, Sony quality sensor, interchangeable lens, and the quality of DSLR in no bigger than your palm.

Here some picture I took with this camera  (non-edit)




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