Camera from yesteryears – SONY A230

Couple days ago, a friend of mine said that she did not get the points from my previous article. I admit that I am not a good writer. It’s hard for me to write about a “camera review” without discussing the technical capabilities, ranging from the size of the sensor, ISO capability, image quality, and other features. I just want to say that the latest technology is not an absolute necessity to take a good picture. So for example I give you my stories about my experience with the old cameras. 

I bought this camera in 2015, after selling my Nikon D70 to someone in Purwokerto. Together with my friends, we went to Klaten to buy this camera from a small secondhand camera shop. I love my D70, despite being 10 years old, but the D70 has met all my needs. But its still a 10 years old camera, and I demand for more.

A230 is a small camera, lot smaller compared to my old D70, in terms of weight, its only half of my D70. This camera was released in 2008, which means the camera is 4 years younger than my D70, even formally 6 years younger, because the receipt from previous owner shows this camera is purchased from the store in 2010.

I get this camera in relatively good condition. Rubber grip which is usually a major are still installed properly.  And the lens, SAL 18-55 is still in perfect condition.


Because the size is relatively small, I can easily carry this camera with me wherever I go. And by using this camera anyway, I began to enjoy street photography in addition to start more serious about photography by learning from some of my friends are more senior.

There is a major differences between Nikon D70 and SONY A230. Nikon D70 was released for professionals photographers, and mostly used by photojournalist, but SONY A230 was released for a beginners who had just entered the world of photography, although it is technically more advanced than the D70, but several features that facilitate the use of the camera were removed, such as top LCD, rear scroll button, and there are no white balance dedicated buttons, and the limited number of buttons makes me have to go deep to the main menu before I can make a variety of settings.

Here are some pictures I took with my SONY A230




Kids wearing traditional javanese kebaya


Jemek Sapardi


Jathilan performer


Pasar Wates


Pasar Wates


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