Camera from Yesteryears – NIKON D70

In this series I will tell you about my experiences with some cameras I’ve ever used for my photography. I began seriously to pursue the field of photography in 2014, although my interest towards photography has existed long before that. I don’t have much money back then to buy the latest camera in the market. So secondhand camera became my choice, and since that time I have been using various brands and types of DSLR, the first one is NIKON D70

One of the things that keep my spirit and not feel inferior to the tools that I use is  a Youtube series called Protog Cheap Cam, a challenge aimed to professional photographers to produce a work of photos using unusual cameras (and sometimes unfeasible one).


Nikon D70

Judging from the shapes, people will think this camera comes from semi-pro series camera, it can be inferred from the rather bulky body size, the top LCD, and the number of digits series that only consists of two numbers. In fact, this camera is Nikon’s first DSLR aimed at the general market which was released in 2004. I bought this camera in 2014 with a help from a friend from Purwokerto.

Yes, I use 10 years old camera.

When compared with the latest DSLR, at first glance there is no significant difference, except the 1.8 inches LCD size that rather small compared to newer DSLR series.

At first I was not confident with this camera, this ten years old technology, in some cases make this camera will not be able to compete with the latest cameras, such as ISO quality, megapixel size, and image quality. But one thing that comes on my mind is that in 2004, this camera is used by professionals to take pictures. And it motivated me to not feel inferior, and more focus to explore its advantages rather than disadvantages.

Here are some pictures I took with my trusty D70


A Mosque in Dlingo, Yogyakarta

DSC_5162 - Copy

Dancers before their performance during FKT 2014 in Pengasih, Kulon Progo


Ships at northen coast of Java, I took this picture during my roadtrip from Jogja to Jakarta via Pantura in 2014


Two workes fixing a sign in Depok, West Java


I took this picuter during Merti Desa ceremony in Dlingo, Bantul


The night view of Jogja from Watu Amben, Patuk, Gunung Kidul


Pine forest in Nganjir, Bantul


Construction worker at Mungker, Bantul


3 thoughts on “Camera from Yesteryears – NIKON D70

  1. Bill Chance says:

    Nice work! I’m still using a D70 too (though I’m saving for a D3300 – almost there) and am able to get good results – though I’d like to have some better low-light performance.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Michael Yuli Arianto says:

      Indeed, D70 image quality in high ISO (I think there isn’t any “high ISO since the ISO limit is only 3200, lol) are awful, but, its 2004 technology, but its not an excuse, except youre a photojournalist. Sometimes just for motivation, i search for “nikon d70” in flickr, and see lots of beautiful made with D70


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