Roti Maryam


Roti Maryam topped with condensed milk with strawberry, banana and shredded cheese

Roti Maryam or known as paratha outside Indonesia is a flatbread that originated in the Indian Subcontinent. Oftenly confused with canai bread, Paratha is an amalgamation of the words parat and atta which literally means layers of cooked dough. Roti Maryam is the most popular unleavened flat breads in the northern part of Indian Subcontinent until now, and is made by pan-frying whole wheat dough until the outer layer of the bread become crisp and brown. In Indonesia, Roti Maryam doesn’t stuffed like Paratha in India, but topped with variety of topping or dipped in thick curry. Roti Maryam came to Indonesia with the Arab and Indian immigrant especially in northern part of Java Island, where there is significant number of Arabs community.
The process of layering the skins of dough in Roti Maryam can make preparation a difficult process. This, mixed with the popularity of this flatbread, has opened the market to several kind of frozen Roti Maryam, in Indonesia, there is very few families who made their own Roti Maryam from scratch, Roti Maryam usually brought in frozen state, then quickly pan-fried to be ready for breakfast. Ready to cook Roti Maryam in Indonesia usually made by home scale industries, so it didn’t use added chemical that made Roti Maryam considered to be a healthy choice for breakfast.
The name Roti Maryam came from Vigin Marry, the mother of Jesus. According to the 4th-century heresiologist Epiphanius of Salamis the Virgin Mary was worshiped as a Mother goddess in the Christian sect of Collyridianism, which was found throughout Arabia sometime during the 300s AD. Collyridianism had women performing priestly acts. They made bread offerings to the Virgin Mary (Maryam, in arab language).

Even there is a lot of places that sells Roti Maryam as breakfast or lunch in Indonesia, Roti Maryam still haven’t spread its popularity in Jogjakarta due its lack of Arab communities. But there is one place like Kantin S15 (Jalan Suryodiningratan No.15) that sells Roti Maryam served with diverse variety of toppings, like condensed milk, chocolate, strawberry jam, shredded Cheese, and even potato curry for lunch.


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