Finding My Very Own Passion in Photography


I have started doing photography since one year ago, when I do an additional task in a political branding team. It was a new thing to me. But then I fell in love with the world of photography, I learned a lot from my colleagues in the office who happened to be a journalist. And several months later, I bought my first camera, Fujifilm FinePix 4300, I spent a few months with my Fuji, it’s a very compact camera and easy to use, I take a lot of panoramic images with a that camera.

Some time later I swapped my Fuji for an old (but still very reliable) Nikon D70. With this camera I started seriously sharpening my photography skills, because at that time I had already resigned from office and have a lot of spare time. I started to confident with my skills in the field of photography, I collect money to buy a newer camera, Sony A230. Plus a friend of mine who is a professional photographer kindly shared his knowledge with me. I always want more, better picture, better camera, better lenses, and others.

Then I decide to get more serious, I started creating portfolios, prepare my own studio, and call some friends. My first project was shooting for Universitas Ahmad Dahlan graduation ceremony last November, followed by a couple shoots for a friend.

But then I realized, even though I was attaching the title “professional” in my photography career. I actually created many new concerns, I worried about pictures that I take , I worried that tools that I use aren’t qualified, and many other things. Until I concluded, that I enjoy photography as a hobby, not as a paid job.

Then I remember what I experienced a year earlier, when I brought my camera to Malioboro, Ngasem, and some other places in Yogyakarta. I enjoy walks like a tourist and take pictures of the people, and there is a such sensation, which I didn’t find when I do a paid project, I think I have set street photography as my favorite genre. I love the process, I don’t have to worry about the pictures that I take, I do it because I love it.







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