Pasar Wates: Traditional Market in the Heart of Kulon Progo

I love street photography because it’s cheap, it’s easy, it’s affordable, and it can be done on the sidelines of my busy life, and also I can find a wide range of new experiences, interacting with new people, and be closer to the object that I photograph.

This time along with a friend of mine we’re going down to Pasar Wates, traditional market located in the city center of Wates, Kulon Progo district capital, Yogyakarta.


Go to traditional market to shop currently not become the main option for many Indonesian families in big cities. Traditional markets began to be eroded by the existence of “minimarket” and supermarkets with a modern format. Similarly with me, I remember the last time I went to the traditional market to shop already more than a dozen years ago, when ten-years-old-me was with my grandmother go to Pasar Gading to buy daily necessities.

Now, go to a traditional market is such an exciting experience for me, the people were friendly, they even offered to pose after knowing me and my friend going here and there with a camera.

In Pasar Wates I found the essence of the working ethic of Javanese people, which is to enjoy the work we do with sincere and full of smiles, because the hard work and sweat pouring do not have to be accompanied by a sour face and laments.

There is one lesson that I get this time, probably I should brings rangefinder or pocket, or even iphone instead of a DSLR, because DSLR is very large and very subtle, sometimes it makes people uncomfortable.


outside kios in Pasar Wates


many stores are closed because we go there at afternoon, the rush hour was in the morning


shallots, rice, and green mung bean


bananas, lots of bananas


dried salted anchovies, it has a very strong odor


shallots, garlic, and lots of uncooked traditional crackers


carrots, okra, eggplants, and cucumbers, the left man struggling to get pass across is my friend


spices and vegetables in a stall


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